Joe & Cari are award-winning nature photographers from West Michigan whose work has appeared in national books and magazines, as well as in Juried shows, hospitals, museums, and journals across the United States, Canada and Europe. 

The awards and publications are a byproduct of the mystery and awe we experience from the gifts received in nature. 


See Beauty    Find Joy    Live Amazed


Awards & Publications


National Wildlife Federation, Honorable Mention, March 2023, Cedar Waxing/berries Photo, Cari

Fotog 2022-Holland Area Arts Council, Honorable Mention September-November 2022
Joe's photo, "Luck of the ladybug," and Cari's photo,"Flight," were accepted in Fotog 2022-a Juried Photo Exhibition, Holland, MI. "Flight" by Cari, received an honorable mention.

Grand Rapids Regional Festival of the Arts, Miller Johnson Purchase Award June 2022, Two photos (Cari), Grand Fireworks & Eagle Harbor Lighthouse were selected for a juried art exhibition for Festival of the Arts GR. Grand Fireworks was honored with the Miller Johnson Purchase Award.  It will be on display at the Muse Art Gallery in GR from June 1-30, then at the Lowell Arts Gallery for A Festival Award Winners show. Link to Eagle harbor Lighthouse  All Festival of the Arts photos are for sale online through the Festival website. 

PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, Smokies Spring photo selected for online exhibition & book, April 2022, Cari

National Wildlife Federation, Honorable Mention-Garden for Wildlife Photo Contest, March 2022, Northern Cardinal Photo, Cari
Grand Rapids Regional Festival of the Arts June 2021-a virtual arts festival, "Grand River Frost" -Cari
Nature Photographer Magazine, Fall and Winter 2020-21, Forester's Tern photo-Cari

Michigan Audubon, Jack Pine Warbler Magazine-Fall 2020-Spruce Grouse photo-Cari

Nature Photographer Magazine, Summer and early Fall Issue 2020, Joe (Young Buck) & Cari (Fall Trees)
Fotog 2020-Holland Area Arts Council Two of Cari's photos, "Breakthrough," and GR Blast" were accepted in Fotog 2020-a Juried Photo Exhibition in Holland, MI

Grand Rapids Regional Festival of the Arts 2020 June 2020-a virtual arts festival. Cari's photo "Aspen Snow," and Joe's photo "Joshua Tree." were selected to be included in the exhibition. Streaming June 5 & 6 on and June, July & August-festival GR website
National Wildlife Federation, Honorable Mention, February 2020, Cactus Wren in Nest Photo, Cari

National Wildlife Federation, February 2020 "Looking Up," Trees Photo, selected for NWF Greeting Card line & NWF marketing materials -Cari 
Nature Photographer Magazine, Dec 2019, Joe (Acorn Woodpecker) & Cari (Hurricane River Storm) Photos in Special 30th anniversary Edition

Michigan Audubon, Press Release: Kirtland's Warbler Removed from Endangered Species List after 52 Years, November 8, 2019, Kirtland's warbler photo featured in press release and FB-Joe
Michigan Audubon, Jack Pine Warbler Magazine-Cover Oct 2019-Common Loon, Cari
Birds and Blooms Extra Magazine, September 2019 Monarch photo-Cari
Michigan Audubon, Jack Pine Warbler Magazine-Summer 2019-Honorable Mention-Cari
Grand Rapids Festival 2019 Regional Arts CompetitionJune 2019, Joe & Cari - Six photos selected for a Juried show, on display the month of June at Kendall College in GR, MI. Cari's selection "Courageous" received two awards; Bronze Sculpture Photography Juror Award and Kent County Purchase Award
Nature Photographer Magazine, Spring 2019, Back Cover Photo-Cari
National Wildlife Federation, Honorable Mention, February 2019, Blue Jay on NWF sign Photo, Cari

West Michigan Tourist Association Carefree Travel Magazine, February 2019, GR fireworks Photo-Cari

Nature Photographer Magazine, Fall Winter 2018-2019, Photo-Cari

Fotog, September 2018, Juried show, Holland Area Arts Council-Two Photos-Cari

Grand Rapids Art Museum, July 2018, Sixth Street Bridge Award-winning photo on exhibit at GRAM-Cari

Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, June 2018, Juried show, $500. Sixth Street Bridge Award-Cari

Michigan Audubon, Jack Pine Warbler Magazine-Summer 2018-Purple Martin -Cari

Michigan Audubon, Jack Pine Warbler Magazine-Spring 2018, Cover photo-Two Tree Swallows, Joe
Heritage Life 2019 Grand Rapids Calendar, Photos also selected 2018, 2017,2016,2015,2014 -Cari

Michigan History Magazine, Jan 2018 Back cover, St. Joe Icy Lighthouse, Joe

Renewed in Word, Faith and Grace, Oct. 2017, Juried Show. "I Am With You," Honorary Mention-Cari

National Wildlife Federation Blog, June 2017 "Picturing Birds At Risk" Bob-o-link birds-Cari
Lake Superior Magazine, 2017 Grand prize, Lake Superior Storm photo-Cari

Chicago Audubon, 2016 Meadowlark photo, Joe
Nature Photographer magazine, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall/Winter 2015, 2016, 2017 landscapes, wildlife photos-Joe & Cari

Nature Friend Magazine, 2015 & 2016 Numerous issues-with photos and feature story-Joe & Cari

ArtPrize Anthology 2015 book, "Image This," cover art, "The Wind," by Gil Bruvel. -Cari

Greeting Card, Cardthartic, 2015 "Dog in Cafe photo" -Cari

Michigan Audubon, Fall 2015 -Rusty Blackbird Bird photo -Cari

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, 2014 Publication, Paris France, Red Crossbill-Cari
Birds and Blooms Magazine, Dec/Jan 2014, Dec/Jan 2015-Bird photos-Joe & Cari

Birds and Blooms Extra Magazine, Bird photos-Cari

Birds and Blooms Magazine, 2013, Grand Prize photo contest, Joe

National Wildlife Federation Blog, June 2014, "Celebrate Nature Photography Day" Waterfall photo-Cari
The Conservationist, Chicago area Forest Preserves Publication, 2014 Back Cover, Indigo bunting-Cari
Country Extra Magazine, March 2014, Photos-Cari

Nature Conservancy, numerous photos on website, Joe

National Wildlife Federation magazine, Feb/March 2013 issue -Alligator photo-Cari

Cornell Birds, Numerous bird photos, Joe
Country Magazine, 2013 Grand Prize elk photo, 2014 several photos-Cari
Nature Friend Magazine, 2013-2014, Feature story with bird photos,Elk photo-Cari

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Book, 2011-First Place Wine, cheese, chocolate photo-Cari
Ultimate Bird Lover's book,2010-Two bird photos-Cari

Women's World Magazine, 2010-Cari

Great Lakes Forever Photo Contest, 2010, Grand Prize & featured on Budweiser coaster-Cari

Great Lakes Forever Photo Contest, 2009, Third place & featured on a Budweiser Poster-Cari

Writers' Journal-Nov/Dec 2009-Bird photos-Cari